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I'm Synfang, a musician, gamer and a furry. I like to think of my work as a story, and appreciate all of my metaphorical readers. ^W^


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I've decided to open myself up for song commissions!


-I charge $7.50 USD for every 30 seconds of duration on the piece (rounding up; that is, if the piece is 45 seconds, you pay for a minute) if it's an original song, or $5.00 USD if it's a remix. This means the longer you want the song, the more you'll pay. Payments will be taken via PayPal only.

-Anyone who wants custom vocals on their commission is going to have to pay me up front for the cost of hiring a singer (I do not sing myself, and you do not want me to; this said, any singers for custom vocals are a separate entity from myself and so paying me does not cover the cost for them). I will provide you with their costs before requesting payment for this. I also advise but not require that you provide me with the lyrics the singer is to record, as I am not a good lyricist but still want to provide you with a quality product.

-The person commissioning the piece can provide me with a due date for the commission, provided they can also be ready to pay at that due date. Please allow me a minimum of 3 days to work; I'm not taking a "I need a 5 minute song and I need it for tomorrow" commission.

-I will not make anything with explicit content of any kind. This is not negotiable. If you wish to add it yourself, you're welcome to do so, but any version of the commission I release on my platforms will not include these.

-I will provide the person commissioning the piece with 1-2 previews before the final work is finished.

-IF I AM LATE TO HAVE THE WORK READY BY THE GIVEN DUE DATE, WHERE APPLICABLE: I will deduct $0.50 USD off the price for every 30 seconds of song, per day that I am late.

-IF YOU ARE LATE TO HAVE PAYMENT READY BY THE GIVEN DUE DATE OR BY WHEN I'VE FINISHED THE COMMISSION: there will be daily compound interest of 1% tacked onto the charge (after any deductions for lateness; i.e. if I'm late 2 days on a 3 minute song, the interest will use $39 as the initial cost instead of $45) until the due date.

-Payment must be received BEFORE I hand over the final product. This rule is in place for the same reason that the previous rule about interest is in place. As of this writing, I have been commissioned for 3 pieces in recent times and gave them their finished works before receiving payment, and the commissioner has not only not paid since then but also displayed no interest in paying whatsoever, a thing I can't do anything about because late payment fees were not in my original contract which was also not in writing, AKA that guy can go the rest of time without paying me and I'm powerless to do anything about it. I am not allowing this to happen again.

-Anyone who receives a commission from me is free to do as they please with it (i.e. upload it on their YouTube channel), provided they credit me, but understand that I have full intentions of monetizing these releases and publishing them on my own platforms such as here on Newgrounds. This said, if you upload a piece I made for you on YouTube, expect a copyright claim. This does not mean I will take your upload down, only that I as the copyright holder will receive ad revenue on your upload.

I do not mean to be forceful with the use of caps and bolds; I just want to emphasize the important information here so anyone interested knows the basics of the terms. Please make sure you have read all of these terms before contacting me. You can contact me about commissions through my messages here on Newgrounds or via email @ djn3utral123r@gmail.com, preferably using the email address your PayPal is tied to, for purposes of more convenient billing. Thank you.



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